About Us

A little about our mission...


Seriously, there aren't enough good, convenient, low carb, and  keto friendly snacks readily available in the supermarkets today -- and definitely not at work! So we figured we would change that. We offer high quality, low carb, tasty, grab-and-go, and affordable keto friendly snacks that are delivered to your door monthly.

Keto Black's founder Simone has been following a ketogenic diet   since 2018 to manage a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and chronic pain. She also lost 65 lbs after going  keto. Through Keto Black, Simone wants to offer snacks that are as convenient and delicious as possible.  And, because all products are researched and reviewed by the team (all KETONIANS), you’ll never see anything over 5 NET CARBS!

Are you ready to subscribe to Keto black?

We designed our subscription boxes based on nutrition, convenience, taste, and, most importantly, affordability.

Nutrition:  Every product we select contains 5 NET CARBS or less.
Convenience: Our snacks are picked to fit any busy lifestyle. Just grab-and-go!      Taste: If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t receive it.
Affordability:  Prices starting as low as $38.